Women Lawyers Committee

The Women Lawyers Committee organizes HYLA's partnership with local schools to encourage a small group of female high school students to pursue law as a career, providing resources and education about the opportunities and obstacles involved in doing so. Through this committee’s partnership with the Harris County Independent School District (HISD) and respective high schools, an after-school seminar and dinner for 20-40 of its female students is hosted. The Lean In to Law program begins with several brief presentations from young female attorneys and law students who are HYLA members, on topics including why and how the presenters chose law as a career, the advantages and challenges of being a woman in the legal profession, and the practical steps to take to become a lawyer. Following the presentations, the students break up into small groups for dinner and discussion led by HYLA members. These discussions center on practical ways for young women to take ownership of their careers, including taking risks, “sitting at the table,” finding one’s voice, and conquering the imposter syndrome and insecurity, all with a focus on careers in the legal industry. Finally, following dinner, the students participate in one-on-one or two-on-one “speed mentoring,” in which HYLA members sit in a circle or row and the students rotate from one attorney or student to the next.

Committee Chair:

Caroline "Cece" Burbach, cece.burbach@stcl.edu