Why Should You Join HYLA?

The Houston Young Lawyers Association (“HYLA”) provides opportunities that are specific to the needs of young and new lawyers and law students. HYLA's mission is to: Learn. Lead. Network. Serve.

Benefits to HYLA Membership include:

  • Create lifelong connections and friendships with members of the local legal community;
  • Cultivate leadership and organizational skills as a member or chairperson of one of HYLA's committees;
  • Gain invaluable legal knowledge through innumerable, specific, and, most importantly, cheap or free CLE programs;
  • Get to know your colleagues and peers through monthly social activities;
  • Participate in sports leagues or a trivia league;
  • Engage your family and other attorney’s families through various family activities;
  • Attend special programs and events with Houston's judiciary;
  • Participate in the HYLA Leadership Class;
  • Get on HYLA's list serve and receive emails about upcoming events and opportunities; and

HYLA is a fantastic way to meet a great group of diverse young lawyers!